Estonian State Forest Management Centre trucks will start using Timbeter

The Estonian State Forest Management Centre has begun using Timbeter’s smart-device application for measuring the pile density coefficient and log volume.  

A representative from the Estonian State Forest Management Centre’s Rainer Laigu said “55% of our trucks carrying pulp-and fuelwood are measured via pile density, calculating the timber amount whilst removing the air and bark. Simply put the RMK supply chain is digitalized, except for the pile density coefficient that was manually entered on the truck driver's estimate and this has caused several disputes” he added.

From now on all truck drivers can determine the pile density coefficient with the help of Timbeter; data is forwarded to e-waybill and digital proof is available on every measurement. This process enables the correct pile density coefficient more accurately and minimizes disputes.  

RMK has been cooperating with Timbeter since its inception and participated as our primary test-users during the development process. “We support in any way the spread of innovative solutions within the Estonian forest sector and digitalization of forestry data” said Rainer Laigu. He went on to mention that using Timbeter will result in an increase in market transparency and trackability.

Anna-Greta Tsahkna, representative for Timbeter, said that their goal is to make the forest sector paper-free and more effective. “Digital information enables multifunctional data use and decreases bureaucracy and paper resources. Also it helps to prevents situations, where a stronger party dictates the pile density coefficient and the subsequent weaker party cannot disagree for the sake of cooperation. Transparent measurement will increase mutual trust between the partners” she said.

Timbeter launched the application for pile density measurement  in spring 2016, developing it in cooperation with RMK from 2013. Timbeter can be easily downloaded from Google Play. Using Timbeter is easy: a person takes a photo of the pile and instantly obtains the number of logs, their volumes and the exact diameters of each log. Timbeter is useful for private forest owners as well as companies.

The Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is maintaining, growing and managing 40% of Estonian forests. Estonia has one of the most forest-rich countries in the world – approximately half of its land area, around 2.2 million hectares are covered with forest.

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