Interview with Rachel Di Giuseppe, Customer Support at Timbeter

, CMO of Timbeter
There are a increasing number of women working in the timber and forestry sectors. On International Women's Day, we speak to our very own customer support rockstar Rachel Di Giuseppe on why she loves being part of changing the industry for the better. 

Tell a bit about yourself and your background.

I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I moved to Tallinn, Estonia in January 2017 and joined Timbeter’s team in September of the same year. I attended the University of São Paulo and Moscow State University, where I became a Russian and Portuguese philologist. I’ve actually worked with advertising and support for as long as I remember, but always trying to bring a little bit extra from my life experiences to my job roles. Previously, I have lived in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and now I’m exploring the opportunities of the beautiful land of Estonia.

What’s your role in Timbeter?

I’m the Customer Support Manager, but I also support the sales team, especially in the Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets. Plus, as a fluent English and Russian speaker - I’m the first point of contact you’ll speak to when contacting Timbeter. As a customer support specialist, I frequently write blog articles on how to get the most out of Timbeter’s pioneering software solution.

What brought you to this area?

My previous work experience with social media and advertising was crucial when working in both support and sales. Besides that, technology and engineering were fascinating subjects since my teenage years, so why not combine both?  

When I was interviewed, I learned how the team wanted to change the timber industry for the better… more accuracy, increased revenue and eradicating illegal logging. Their beliefs matched my own.

What is the most challenging in your work?

It’s vital that I am ready to deal with people from across the world, to answer their questions ranging from simple mathematical formulae to providing the best and comprehensive customer support to our users daily. Each market has its own methodologies and peculiarities, and my challenge is to be ready to adapt to each one... Those are the things that make me wake up every morning and feel that I’m ready for a new day.

What’s the best thing about working at Timbeter?

The challenges above are something really awesome about Timbeter and the timber industry in general. The international team is amazing, they value your work and there’s always discussion for new ideas in providing better value for our customers.

Both the software and timber related industries are very male dominated - how do you feel this impacts you working as a woman?

I’m used to male dominated environments since my first days of school and working, so I’m used to it! But I understand my privilege of having this experience and, as a woman, I think that it’s extremely important to stand for your beliefs and be part of something you like and somewhere you want to be, it doesn’t matter if it’s a so called unusual place for a woman. Daily, both women and men are making, the world a more equal, and the timber and forestry industries are no different, with better opportunities for both genders and freedom to choose whatever makes you feel good, career-wise.

What do you like to do in you free time?

I have a special affection for drawing, reading and cooking different things, but most of my free time is dedicated to Magic: The Gathering tournaments and classic Atari video games.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

I am very open to numerous advice and I still remember one that I’ve received here at Timbeter - “learn how to say no sometimes”. I’m trying to practice this in in real life and believe it’s working better than I have expected.

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