Timbeter for iOS is here!

, Co-founder and CTO of Timbeter.

From user requests we are finally thrilled to announce that Timbeter is now available for iOS users. You can download the app to your iPhone or iPad here.

Timbeter is an innovative solution that enables you to measure the volume of a pile, the number and the exact diameters of each log accurately and in minutes. Thus increasing cost efficiency and profitability.

Using Timbeter is easy: simply take a photo of the pile and instantly get the result! All the piles are geotagged, so the origin of the timber is always known to everybody.

Timbeter utilizes both the metric and imperial measurement systems to calculate your timber volumes. You can mark the cull on logs.

Timbeter has the following formulas for volume calculation within the application:

- Cylindrical formula

- JAS Scale

- GOST 2708-75

- Doyle Log Scale

- International 1/4" Rule

- Roy Log Rule

- Scribner Decimal C Rule

- Ontario Scaler's Rule

- Nilson (Estonian formula)

- Lithuanian formula

The diameter recognition algorithm counts the number of logs within a pile, provides the exact diameter of each log, the average diameter of the log pile and the volume in cubic meters. Timbeter measures the diameter of the log under the bark. These diameters can then be filtered: e.g. you can sort and view log diameters ranging from 15-25 cm.

All data regarding your measurements: size, location, date and time, species; are stored with the picture. Your data is synced and then stored in a cloud service at which can be easily analyzed, forwarded and shared via a link.

Two-way synchronization enables you to enter all the company-specific data from the storage module ( and get the overview of the measurements by different storages, species or dates.

The storage platform provides an up-to-date overview of your stored measurements, and where you can download your stored information in Excel pr pdf format. Users can view their storage status and detect assortment deficits or surpluses in a few clicks. For further workflow integration Timbeter can be integrated via API with your other company tools including CRMs, bookkeeping, payroll or ERP; thus streamlining your sales, logistics planning and reporting. Log-in to the storage platform from

Timbeter iOS is available in English, Chinese, German, Estonian, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese and French. More languages to be added soon.

Begin measuring your timber today and download for free!

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