How to measure the unmeasurable? Fast.

Using Timbeter is easy.

Person measuring the pile needs to take a picture and the application shows the size of the pile. The application enables to measure the surface area of a pile even if the pile has an irregular shape. Timbeter has 4 measurement options: diameter, density, pile and truck measurement.

In case of diameter measurement the application counts the number of logs in the pile, gives the average diameter and every logs diameter separately and the volume in cubic meters. Diameters can be filtered: for example to see only the amount from 15-25 cm.

Pile density measurement enables to determine the density coefficient for pulp-and fuelwood. Solution also gives the answer on the number of logs, diameters and the average diameter of the measured area.

Pile measurement gives the volume in cubic meters by using fixed pile density. coefficient Truck measurement enables to measure every load separately on the truck.

All the data regarding the measurement: size, location, date and time, species are stored with the picture. The data is stored in a cloud service and can be easily analyzed or forwarded. 


After measurement has been done, user can mark cull on different logs and specify the reason: wrong diameter, rot or something else. Companies can enter their common reasons for cull within the storage module and these reasons become available inside the application. By default, application offers the following options: wrong diameter, rot, wrong size and crookedness.


Timbeter also has a warehouse module that gives an up-to-date overview of the warehouse and where the information can be easily downloaded in Excel format.

In addition, Timbeter can be integrated with companies internal systems such as CRM, bookkeeping; payroll or ERP; providing a significant effect to sales, logistics planning and reporting.

For further information download the android user manual here.


Timbeter's storage module provides real-time overviews of the different measurements made. The storage module empowers you to carry out inventories quickly and efficiently, view the active storage status and generate reports in just a few clicks.

Storage module has two views:
As a map application and a table view, where users can easily filter information according to their requirements: contract number, location, tree species and many more. All data can be downloaded in an Excel file format. The possibilities are endless!

Customized assortments are all synchronized with measurement application. Assortments include the following characteristics: species, length, quality and price. Real-time overviews of the storage status makes it easier to plan additional activities.

Storage module has a first class Reports functionality, enabling you to create measurement reports easily in a few clicks. Users select specific measurements and Timbeter automatically generates reports, calculating the value of different assortments. This reduces data processing, making it easier to share information between companies.

The Inventories functionality creates efficient inventories with precise asset record-keeping. Assortment based management enables detection of any surplus or deficit species

For further information download the user manual here.